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Simple flavours

Most of the time I like my bread with "all" the toppings. I call my sandwiches the everything sandwich. The bread usually functions just as a base to pile up all those toppings. But sometimes less is more.

There are certain breads that I don't overboard with the toppings. A few carefully selected condiments are enough to make a perfect sandwich.

The most bare bread I enjoy is the one that is a speciality from my hometown. The local traditional Barley bread, fresh from a stone oven doesn't need anything besides butter (real butter not anny of those "I can't believe it's not butter" variants). There is nothing better than that.

Maybe it's just another dash of nostalgia. A memory, a taste from my childhood. Especially when the bread was made by either of my grandmothers. That was the best thing ever even though the childhood me could argue the best thing were the pancakes they made.