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Close encounter of the 23rd kind

While the comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) is still a few days away from it's closest point to earth at 42 million kilometers there was another visitor passing us much closer this week. An asteroid named 2023 BU passed the Earth on thursday at the distance of only 3600 kilometers! That's closer than somw of the satellites we have sent up there.

The size of the asteroid is estimated to be around 3,5 meters by 8,5 meters, or as the scientists (or probably the journalists) say "roughly the size of a box truck". At least they didn't compare it to half a giraffe this time.

The asteroid was only discovered 5 days prior to it's pass by. It's quite scary that such objects can be hurling around us and we have no idea until the last moment. Luckily this size of an object would just burn to dust in our atmosphere without causing any real danger.