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Towards the light

We are well past the darkest time of the year. Yesterday made me realize how far we have gotten when it wasn't dark anymore at the time I reached the office.

The three darkest months are already behind us. Even though February and November are getting equal amount of light the former usually feels less dark due the snow. It might also be the psychological impact of days getting longer instead of shorter and knowing that we are moving towards more light every day.

It's also only two months before the day takes triumph over night. It's funny how it feels that we live hear almost in eternal darkness especially during the last couple of months of the year. But the darkest time is rather short after all.

At the moment we get about 8 hours of daylight compares to the less than six hours during the darkest time. That's half of the time we are awake, so basically we are soon already enjoying daylight over half of our time awake.