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Small favours with big impact

My son recently finished his studies ay the coding school Hive. For the past months he has been searching for a place to start his career. While the markets are still quite hot for the workers here in Finland compared to the global situation it's still challenging to find an entry level position without any prior experience from the industry.

At the beginning he was adamant that he'd get this on his own. I respect that, am even proud of his morale and willing to stand on his own. But like I said, the current situation is not the best for an aspiring software developer to find a job.

Having been in the industry for decades I do have connections. From the beginning I was offering to do whatever I can to find him a place and recently he finally took the offer.

After hearing what kind of specialization he was looking for I had to of my old colleagues in mind. Both working on companies that could offer my son exactly the kind of projects and technologies he's interested.

I don't expect them to offer him a job just because I asked. I can only make the initial connection and now it's up to him to make best out of these opportunities.