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The story concludes

Our DnD campaign isn't just over yer, but my character's storyline got it's conclusion in our latest session. Now he will continue the journey just to help the rest of the party go wherever they need to be.

It's been almost four years now since we started. We have played over a hundred session, so more than once every two weeks. This has been my longest running campaign as a player and it has been a joy to go through the long winded storyline of the character.

Four years is a long time playing the same character and while I have come to be accustomed playing it I won't feel too sad to step into another role when the campaign is over. I've already been toying with a concept for my next character. The only thing that I will probably be missing is the high level powers the character has finally acquired.

It's a shame there won't be that much more time to enjoy from those. But on the other hand with such powers there is hardly any challenge the DM can throw at us that could make us feel the real danger for the characters. I'm also looking forward to start again from the low levels when the danger is still real.