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Poor battery life

I installed a "night light" ro our bathroom some time ago. It wasn't that far back, but I've had to replace the batteries already twice and now they are again dead.

As it's considered a wet space the electrical installation options are a bit space. I didn't want to start "hacking" power from somewhere just for the lights so I ended up fetting battery powered led strip.

The strip only has a motion sensor, so that could partially explain the fast depletion of power. They go on even during the day when it's more convenient to use the main lights.

I originally installed the sensor facing the door so the lights would already be on when you tumble in sleepy in the darkness of light. But as we have a litter box in there too the door needs to be kept open. That caused the light to turn on also whenever somebody passed the bathroom door. In this configuration the battery life was in the matter of days.

I tried minimizing the unnecessary switching the light on by swapping the motion sensor to the other corner so it would only trigger once somebody actually entered the room. That extended the battery life to weeks, but it's still not optimal. I have the similar light in our jacket cabinet and it has been there for months without the need to replace the batteries.

I guess I need to do some hacking after all. I do have one extra ambient light sensor laying around that I could hook to the light in addition to the motion sensor. And maybe get a bigger rechargable battery for it as well...