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Just trying to survive

I finally got the Frostpunk boardgame on the table. It's a beast of a game that I just haven't had time to get familiar with earlier even that it has been sitting on my self for some time already.

The game is based on a computer game with the same name. It's set on a post apocalyptic world in late 19th century. The world has fallen under an ice age and the few surviving people try to survive in this harsh environment.

You play as one of the four advisors trying to keep the colony somewhat functional. As I was playing solo I actually had to play all four of the advisors. There was a lot of things to keep in mind when considering my actions. With more players it should get easier as everybody has their own roles and responsibilities to take care of.

Each advisor have their own focus areas. Everybody tries to secure their own needs, but the limited resources ensure that not everybody will be satisfied. Playing alone there sure was some internal debate, but I would imagine this could be quite interesting when playing with others. While the game is cooperative these distinctive goals will surely introduce some conflicts and heated debates.

The game is also quite brutal and unforgiving. Sloppy management of resources will lead to early failure and even trying to squeeze as much as possible from each resource will not ensure the victory. I really liked how this game made me just try to survive instead of aiming for the victory. In the end my first game ended at turn 7 when the malnourished colonists sick from coldness finally decided to throw the advisors out in the cold.