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UFOs now and then

After shooting down of the Chinese spy balloon a while ago there has been several other unidentified objects shot down recently. It's interesting that these balloons have started popping up in numbers all of the sudden. Probably the surveillance has just been more vigilant after the first incident and now they are seeing boogeymans everywhere.

Decades ago, Roswell and all, the sightings of an UFO were officially declared as weather balloons. They might or might not have been of extra terrestrial origin, secret military test equipments, or just actual weather balloons.

While the most plausible explanation for the recently sighted UFOs is a weather balloon they don't dare to say that out loud. That would be too embarrassing to admit they got alarmed by a common weather observation equipment. Instead the question is left in the air as a mystery. Nobody is sure what those objects might have been. Could even been some aliens this time, but definitely not weather balloons.