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the Last of Us

When the show the Last of Us came out there was a lot of expectations for it. I too got the hype and was looking forward seeing the show. Perhaps due to sll the hype and unrealistic expectations the first episode left me cold. It was so disappointing that I didn't even want to watch it any more.

Given time, and hearing all the praises (and not really having anything else to watch together with my wife) we decided to give the show another chance. We watched the second episode yesterday and it actually wasn't that bad.

I still think it's not the masterpiece all the public commentary gives out it to be. Maybe it was the lower expectations going into episode two. But it's an ok show, worth watching if there isn't anything better available. Of course this is still an early judgement given that I've only seen two episodes of it so far. Maybe it turns out to be a great show at the end. That remains to be seen.