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Super 10th of March day

Today is year another of those pointless celebratory days - the Mario day. You know, because of the date, Mar10. It's a shame it doesn't fall into same day as the retro game day (8th of March) or the video game day (12th of September). Who knew there were so many days dedicated to just digital games.

The day started, as usual, when the fans of the franchise started to celebrate their favourite character. Or someone just noticed the coincidence of having a date that spells out the name of the character.

Like usual the date was soon commercialized when the capitalists wanted to reap the profits on this one too. Of course this being a day of the most iconic character of Nintendo they get the most out of it. Since 2016 the day has been officially recognized and celebrated by Nintendo itself usually by offering discounts on anything even remotely related to the everybody's favourite Italian plumber. Sure that's better than the other option these companies could do in situations when their IP is used without paying fees to them.