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You spin me like a record baby

Vinyl records were the first major mass market music format since it's introduction in 1948. It was only overtaken by the cassettes in early 80s. The reign of cassette was however over rather quickly when the CD took over in the beginning of the nineties.

While the CD was the first digital format it too was rather short lived in the advent of the digital age. From the first downloadable song services introduced in 2004 and streaming in 2005 it only took another 10 years for them to surpass all the physical mediums to distribute music. By the time these were introduced the cassette format was already dead and vinyls were hitting their rock bottom, but somehow still holding there.

While the streaming is still growing, downloads are almost gone and CDs are still sold on some extend the vinyl seems to be making a comeback. In 2021 we saw the first time since 2001 the physical records sales to grow and last year, first time since 1987 vinyl outsold CD records.

There is indeed a dedicated community that believes the vinyl to be the only true format for the best listening experience.