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That vinyl sound

One of the reason the vinyl records have experienced a new coming seems to be the assumed better quality of sound. The proponents of analogue music medium say the digital recording process kills some of the naturality of the sound.

It is true that especially the early days of the digital records the quality suffered from the poor digitalisation due to the technology not being that refined yet. Another reason was the loss of quality due heavy compression. These early flaws in digital music mediums might have convinced the analogue enthusiasts to stick to their chosen medium.

But the technological process has taken huge leaps. The compression algorithms have improved vastly and the lossless audio is pretty much standard today. There is also less need for compression as both the storage sizes and transmission speeds have been growing drastically.

Yet the sales of vinyls keep growing. It can't be just the quality as there has been scientific proofs that it is in fact not true. The vinyl sound is less pure and can have distortions just because of the fct that there is a beed for a physical mechanism to produce the sound. But those small impurities could be the thing. The perfect art always requires flaws. It makes it more real, more lifelike. Line digital formats that's one thing that a generative AI model probably can't produce anytime soon even if they could otherwise start producing the perfect music.