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Multi-purpose garage

There are many uses for a garage besides just keeping your car there. The most common probably is storage, to thr extend that the car won't fit in anymore.

I converted part of out garage into a gym to get motivated working out and getting over the anxiety of going to an actual gym (with other people). Most of the garage is still filled with random stuff stored there, nit least because a part of it is still going through renovation so there are a lot of things not in their final place yet.

For the unfinished part I have planned to put together a small workshop where I could work on any ad hoc crafting. Until now I have always needed to rely in some scaffolded working areas whenever needed. It has worked ok, but the extra effort setting up something like that does add an unnecessary resistance getting started any not-so-important (or even the more urgent ones) projects. Sometimes it would be nice to just sit down in front of your workbench and start working on something.