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Different paths to same destination

I met an old colleague today over lunch. Ten years ago we both worked in same company and in (relatively) same position. Several years ago he left the company to seek for new opportunities and advance his career. I stayed.

During the years since he has worked in multiple companies and positions. I have stayed, but while the company has remained (mostly) the same I too have gone through a number of different positions.

Today, we are both at positions near the top of the corporate ladder, only a few steps from the absolute top. But we have got there by two quite different paths.

It doesn't really matter which path you choose. It's more about setting your aim high enough and having the determination to get there. After that it's just figuring out the steps to get there. You won't get there straight away, but if you set your goal just one step ahead that's where you end up. You might be happy there and forget to move forward.