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Curious keywords

I got a notification email from Google search console telling me there were several issues with my site that affect mobile users. First I was confused as I haven't fone any changes to the site for ages. But after checking the issues from the search console I found out the culprit was the post I made about a month ago about the scriptio continua. Without spaces the lines of text got too wide and caused Google to consider those as issues on the site.

While I was looking at these issues from the console I also stumbled on the keyword page there that lists the search terms people have been using before visiting the site. I don't promote or even expect traffic to my site, but there is a lot of content and occasional matches are bound to happen. I just don't know how far in the dark depths of the search result pages you need to go to find my site from the list, but apparently some people are persistent enough to do so.

It could also be because I occasionally write about some quite obscure things that there really isn't that many other pages in the whole wide internet that contains information about those topics so my humble posts actually fit in the first page of the search results.