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Travelling light

Another stay overnight coming ahead as we once again have our quarterly management team retreat. There isn't that much stuff you need for such a short trip, but it feels like it. There are all those basic stuff needed that you need for a trip of any length that make it proportionally more for a single night trip. The convective days don't adf that much anymore.

This time I tried to minimize my luggage size. Learning from previous trips trying to leave behind things I didn't need on any of the previous times and also thinking the stuff I barely used whether I could go without.

In the end I was able to get down to a single backpack. It's quite tightly packed, but everything fit there. I wouldn't even had to be so optimized in this case as I don't need to carry all my stuff around that much.

Unfortunately as I'm writing this I just realized I left something essential behind. It wouldn't have taken that much space, so wouldn't have changed the situation, but seems I need to do a trip to a store on my way to get myself a toothbrush.