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True One Ring

Wizards of the Coast, the publisher of Magic: the Gathering (among many things) has in recent years released nee kind of MtG sets - the Universes Beyond sets. So far they have released crossovers with Transformers, Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer 40k for a few example.

Such crossovers are a great way to bring in new players (and collectors) that are already fans of the other franchise. So far this has appeared to be a successful strategy even though it might have alienated some of the old school hardcore MtG players.

The next Universes Beyond crossover will probably be the biggest ever for them. The next set will feature the biggest name in fantasy - The Lord of the Rings. It's a bold move mixing two such strong brands. The LotR licensed games have been sold really well despite the game itself. But mixing the lore of the world of Tolkien with one of the most successful collectible card game is big.

Wizards also recognize this and for this set they have created something really special. There has always been extremely rare special edition cards and actual old cards from early days of the game to be found within the packs. But now, there is something so special that only two cards in the whole MtG history has been as rare. These two cards: 1996 World Champion and Shichifukujin Dragon is joined by no other than The One Ring (special edition) which there will actually be only one (numbered 001/001).

It's hard to even estimate the price of such thing. The 2996 World Champion sold for 17 500$ over 20 years ago. Current estimates for the price range from hundreds of thousands to as high as 2,8 million dollars! The rarest version of the most expensive "regular" MtG card the Black Lotus from alpha set in mint condition "only" costs around half a million.

The unique special edition the One Ring has already standing offers for over 100 000$ months before the set is even released!