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Little bit of everything

Everything everywhere all at once broke the bank at the Oscars recently. Even before the academy awards it was praised in the media as the movie of the year.

I finally got to watch it yesterday. I originally already wanted to see it over s year ago when I first time heard such a movie was coming out later last year. Unfortunately it didn't come available here in any of the streaming platforms we subscribe. It also didn't hit the theatres except a few fringe showings that didn't fit our schedule.

It's interesting how paying a few euros to rent (or even buy) a digital movie feels like a rip of when for the same price you can almost get any of the streaming services with more movies you have ever time to watch. Even more so when it's usually no problem forking out 60 euro's to bring the whole family to see a movie in a theatre.

The movie was everything I was expecting from it. It also hold up with not being what I expected (even though I was also expecting that). Only thing that it was a bit short of was the thought provoking part. But all in all it was a great movie with a nice mix of scifi, drama, action and comedy.