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World's least unhappy country

Finland has once again been declared as the happiest country in the world. This is the sixth year in row for us to claim the time (and we weren't far from the top earlier either).

While the world is wondering what's our secret the Finns are again wondering how bad others have it if we are indeed the happiest nation. Short summers, cold and dark winters. Far from ...well everything. Heavy taxation and relatively low income and wealth (compared to most western countries).

I don't think it's that much of the living conditions, even if they are indeed quite good relatively to most countries. The heavy taxes do bring some good benefits and the winter isn't all bad either. There are some good things in everything.

What people usually miss from the happiness report is that it doesn't measure people's perceived subjective happiness. Instead it tries to evaluate the overall conditions to enable happy life. It's then up to people to enjoy those conditions as best as they can (or not).

In Finland it might be harder to find the ultimate happiness, but it's also almost impossible to fall into situation where even a little happiness would be unattainable.