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Transformative AI

Google, the once uncrowned king of AI has been playing catch up ever since OpenAI released their ChatGPT to the public. They even cried out to their founders Page and Brin to help out to restore the crown. While the announcement game already pretty soon after the ChatGPT launch they only today were able to do a (very limited) launch for their response to the conversational AI markets - the Bard. Initial results from those lucky enough to get into the "open" beta isn't assuring. The model is leaps behind the competition.

At the same time Meta, the parent company of Facebook also dropped everything (including the Metaverse which they were all in just a moment ago) and focus their efforts in the field of AI. They too launces their LlaMA model some time ago to a limited audience. The model itself however was leaked soon after and it's quickly becoming the most used model because of it's availability as a stand alone model instead of having to rely on a hosted solution where you can't know for sure where your information is being used.

It doesn't go too well for the OpenAI either. Apparently it's a lot easier to do state of the art machine learning models than it is to do simple websites where users wouldn't accidentally end up seeing other user's data.

With 3 out of 5 major players in tech already releasing their models it's interesting to see what the two A's will do. Or is this the time for a sixth player to enter the game? And what will the answer from the BATX be?