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Driving through the night

I was not looking forward this evening. There is an event happening an hour and a half drive away from our place. I promised to give our youngest one ride there as there were possibility that trains won't be operational today due to the strike. The hour and a half wouldn't have been bad in itself, but that's just the ride from where we live. To begin the trip there I would first have had to pick up my kid from their home, another hour ride away to a different direction.

5+ hours driving isn't too bad. But after a long day at work it sure takes it's toll. I would have been back home after midnight when accounting all the necessary charging stops on top of the driving time.

Luckily the strike ended yesterday and trains started moving again today. Of course I still kept my promise and gave them ride to the event, but only from our place as it would have been worse for them as well if they would have been there over two hours later.