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So this is how liberty dies

We are in a process of voting a new parliament for us here in Finland. Traditionally our multi-party system has worked quite well. There are the big three, but others get their representatives to the parliament as well save the smallest parties. No party usually get much over 20% of the votes and the big three is usually around 60% total and the next 2-4 another 30%.

The winner usually selects 2-3 other parties to the cabinet. As the biggest parties have traditionally represented the whole spectrum of the political view the cabinet too has been rather well balanced, only leaning a bit to the left or right instead of going all in on either direction.

In the recent years the center party has fallen behind in popularity and has been replaced by a more right leaning, nationalist party. This can lead to a situation when we end up with two parties from the right taking over the cabinet.

It seems the only option to prevent this is making sire the left wins and is the one forming the new cabinet and ensuring there is balance. But this would lead to the smaller parties getting even less votes and soon we would end up in much less diverse political landscape.