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Splitting atoms

Now that the energy crisis is already settling down it isn't that big of a news that our latest nuclear reactor, the Olkiluoto 3 is finally able to produce electricity on a stable level.

Over the years we have learnt to take it granted that the reactor will be late. Last year when it was finally finished there was some hope. But for the past year the standard news has been "Olkiluoto 3 still not operational". There has been all kinds of setbacks to get the reactor in an operational state.

Today there was actual shocking news about the reactor: it had been producing electricity as normal operations for ten consecutive days! It's great news, but anything can still happen before it's officially deemed to be in normal operations which is expected to happen in three months.

While in test use the effect of the new reactor has already been visible in the electricity prices. With the new reactor online there has been surplus of electricity for our national use during the times when our wind turbines have also been at the heights of their production when it's windy. At this pace we should soon be self sufficient on electricity in a yearly level.