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Finally feels like spring

April is just around the corner, but so far there hasn't been the real feeling of spring in the air. The winter has been so weird with weather changing back and forth. Because there hasn't been proper continuous winter and many spring-like periods it has been hard to feel the spring.

We had most of the snow already melted last week, but over the weekend we got a fresh layer of snow. Everything was white again anf at least looked like a proper winter for a moment. Today the sun eas shining and the fresh snow was quickly melting away, like during a real spring.

Having the contrast between the seasons really makes the difference. While we might complain and joke about our dark and cold winters and short summers we actually have quite nice climate overall. And the clear difference between seasons makes it more apparent.

It's also a mental thing. When the spring finally arrives it feels like everybody is bursting with new energy. But if nobody notices the spring has arrived how would they know?