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Collecting childhood

All my life I have been collecting something. I've gone through the traditional things like stamps, bottlecaps etc. but those never really clicked with me. I've also mostly never had a single thing to collect. Or more precisely my focus has shifted from a thing to another. And then I tend to go all in with that one things.

Most of the collections I never got rid of, so now I have many unfinished collections. The older ones are stored away, scattered or just dumped in a box with everything else.

Too bad I never ended up collecting something that would have become really valuable after all these years (well, I kinda did, but I sold those when they were only slightly more valuable than when I acquired them).

With stamps and such it probably didn't work out because I didn't like yo collect things just for the sake of it. I wanted to use, play or read what I collected. What's the point of having nice things if you're not going to enjoy them.

Now that I have become older I see the value of just having some of those things. They bring value to me just by remaining me of those old days. The days when I used to concretely enjoy them.

Now I want to start s new collection. I don't want complete sets of any single thing. Instead I want the most valuable (emotionally to me) things limiting the amount of items but having more from different categories.

The good thing is I don't need to start from scratch. I just need to sort out what I already have and just extend from there.