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Generative AIs present a new kind of problem to the creative world. It's still kot clear who owns the copyright for the work those tools produce. It's also unclear who should be held responsible when the AI spits out something offensive.

There has been a lot of discussion going around these topics. On the other hand everything the model creates can be considered as a new creation. Just like when human being creates something that is inspired by some prior content. But even then should the copyright holder be the company who produced the initial model or the one providing a derivate service using that model. It could as well be the user that wrote the prompt or even the original authors of the content that was used to train the model in the first place. Perhaps it could be the model itself.

With modern Internet age the legislation in these things has already been too slow to react on the changing world. Companies have exploited this a lot by suing everyone they thing they could. The progress is accelerating and new legal protections need to be put in place. We probably could let the machine take care of that. But are we willing to give it such power?