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Retaining battery capacity

One worry with an all electric car is battery capacity. Batteries tend to lose their maximum charge capacity over time. I've lived through the time when mobile phones were new and the battery technology wasn't that great yet. It wasn't uncommon for those batteries to lose max capacity relatively fast. Luckily back then the phones had replaceable batteries so it wasn't such a big deal.

Even though I have seen a tremendous progress in battery technology I'm still wary of the deterioration over time. My current phone for example haven't lost much of the max capacity even though it's already several years old.

It's the same with our car battery. Sure it's only three years old, but at least it's still showing quite similar numbers of range when at max charge. There are ways to improve the battery life over years. For example not charging it at max charge all the time. I haven't been too worried sbout those and usually let it charge to the max. Haven't been affecting it much at least yet.

Apart from improved battery tech many manufacturers also reserve some amount of extra capacity to their battery packs so over time the extra capacity can be taken in use to compensate the deteriorated capacity of the primary reserves.