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AI Luddites

While many are embracing the advent of AI there are those that aren't so welcoming to our new machine assistants. Besides many high profile technologist warning us about the dangers of AI and suggesting pausing the development of any more advanced model there are also those who don't understand the potential and capabilities of such technologies.

Despite any pledges to slow down development or outright banning the technology the progress at this point is inevitable. The only way to stay relevant is to embrace the flow. At this point it's better to agree proper regulations and directions for AI safety than just let it bloom on it's own. There will anyway be those who don't abide with such restrictions and if there are no answers to those "rogue AIs" they will soon gain an unfair advantage over those that refuse to adapt to the new opportunities.

The benefits of AI assisted development in every area of life and business will be so fast that there is no way to remain competitive relying only on limited capabilities of natural human mind. And even as there surely will be use for the brilliant minds they will quickly defect in the sides of those parties that offer them better opportunities to stay relevant and better advance their fields of expertise.