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Cottage life

Having a few days "off the grid" does wonders to ones mind. Living today's busy world it gives something to truly disconnect and live in the moment.

Even though our cottage is equipped with all the modern amenities it's still enough away from the daily life. And having all the necessary amenities doesn't mean everything is ready and effortless. There are always something to do just for the daily life not to forget all the recreational possibilities that are just waiting our there outside of the door. It's easy to forget all the mundane worries and just forget all the worries for a few days.

Too bad our cottage is so far away these days. Coming just for the weekend isn't worth the half a day of travel. There isn't enough time to wind down before you already need to start packing for the way back home. As it is, the rare stays here have become even more important for me. The effects last long enough that there will be another long weekend coming up soon enough to get back here to recharge your batteries.