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Lost triggers

After Corona lockdowns when I was finally visiting the office again occasionally I was proud how easily the old habit of writing on my way to the office kicked in. Some time later I'm still rarely visiting the office and for some reason the trigger has faded.

This morning I only remembered I should write when the train was already approaching my destination. I would have had time just enough to write something real quick, but then decided not to, promising to myself I would write on my way back home.

Now I'm sitting on the train waiting for it to depart. Writing still wasn't my first thought when sitting down. I had to actively remind myself of it and even then struggled to get started.

Missing the trigger has the danger that then later I assume I already wrote and don't do it later. I really should start going to the office more often and especially keep up the habit of writing during the morning ride. There is just too much risk missing the task on those days and dropping the streak.