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Lost childhood

Lately I have been pondering a lot of my childhood. Latest today my wife asked what I was like as a child. I couldn't really tell her anything. There seems to be a lot I just can't recall from my childhood. Maybe that's thr reason I have been so keen with all the things from my childhood, to get back at least a piece of it and hope it could trigger some deep memories.

I do remember a lot of factual memories from that era. A good example is LEGO sets. I've recently been going through my old LEGO bricks trying to see which sets there is still parts left after all these years. Looking through the catalogues that are thankfully available online these days I can clearly remember the sets I had when I see one. The parts I've found further confirm I indeed owned those sets back so many years ago.

What I don't remember is receiving, building or playing with those sets. I'm sure I received most of the sets as Christmas or birthday presents and some I bought myself. I also know I wouldn't let anybody else build them, but know they were sitting on my bookcase selves. Playing might be a bit so and so, for me it was always more important to have them on display and spend hours just watching them letting my imagination do the "playing". But I also remember having between myself and my then best friend all the Pirates theme sets and that we definitely played with them, gathering all the sets either at our our their home. I remember that we played, as a fact that it happened on multiple occasion. But I can recall a single flashback of that actually happening.