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Looks a lot like summer

Looking outside it seems nice and sunny. If you avoid the lingering piles of snow and the bare trees you could mistake the scenery as summer. It's still a nice weather going outside. Warm if you are doing something. But it's not yet warm enough to just lay there and enjoy the sun.

Our cats have been eager getting outside. Even they seem to recognize the change of the season. They weren't that into getting outside during the winter. But even they don't enjoy spending too much time out in the catio.

Even though the sun is shining and the air is warm the ground is still cold. Add a little bit of wind over the remaining snow and you can quickly get the chill. The seemingly warm weather also invites outside abandoning the winter garments making it even more likely to catch cold. Yet it's warm enough that there is already pollen in the air too kicking of the allergies.