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Midnight sun

Today is the day of the year when the endless day arrives to Finland. From this day onward until 29th of August the sun doesn't set in the northernmost part of our country. At it's peak, on summer solstice one fourth of our country will be experiencing the midnight sun. Yeah, that's how north we are, one quarter being above the polar circle.

Rest of Finland except the northernmost tip will have to settle to the "white nights" or civil twilight. While the Sun isn't visible through the night it doesn't go under 6 degrees below horizon. During this time there won't be any darkness at all even during the middle of the night.

Of course this phenomena has it's opposite during the winter time when there is hardly any light during the day. Actually the dark period during the winter is slightly shorter than the light period in the summer. So while we might suffer those dark winters we can also enjoy the bright summers and above all the light is winning!