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Link to the past

Nintendo launched their latest Zelda game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom last Friday. The release was exclusive to their hybrid Switch console and won't be available to other platforms (as usual).

Despite being available only to one gaming platform it sold a massive 10 million copies during the first three days. Only a few hit games, most of them published on multiple platforms, has sold as many copies on the sme time period. Not many games sell that many copies during their entire life.

I didn't even know it eas coming until few days before the launch when the hype hit the news. Zelda was one of my favourite game franchises when I was kid. The nostalgia once again hit hard and for a brief moment I considered walking to a store to buy the game and the console (as I don't own switch despite it being released already eight years ago).

I'm sure it's great game and I would have gotten many hours of entertainment out of it. There are also other interesting games available for the Switch so it wouldn't have been for just one game in the end. But considering how much I have played my NES mini to scratch the nostalgia itch having another console seemed a bit excess.