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Productive day

Today has been extremely productive day for me. It's a stark contrast to last Thursday when, after dropping wife to the train station in the morning, I did absolutely nothing. Thursday was a public holiday and wife left to see her family taking the Friday of for a long weekend. So I have enjoyed being alone. I didn't take Friday of so then I was working.

But having taken a full day doing nothing I was bursting energy. Yesterday I didn't have time to put that energy into use as I was working late and there wasn't that much time to start doing anything around home.

Today was different. I did start the day doing work related stuff as it bothered me I couldn't finish the AI bot I was working on yesterday. So I began by finishing it. After that I have been doing odd jobs around the house fixing things, going through stuff, taking care of the garden and installing some new "smart" home appliances.

I had a long list of tasks I have been putting down for a while. It was a perfect day to at least get that list a bit shorter.