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Missing pieces

After I got my old LEGO bricks sorted out and identified most of the sets I should own it was time to pick the first set to build. I picked the original King's Castle (6080-1) as it was one of the greatest sets I have owned.

After so many years I didn't have false expectations that all the pieces would be there. Luckily there are plenty of sites in the web listing the brick inventories for various sets so it was easy to start by collecting all the necessary pieces. In the end I found out I was missing only couple of dozen pieces. Not bad for nearly 40 years old set with total of 627 parts.

Another lucky thing is that there are also online marketplaces for second hand LEGO bricks. After knowing what I was missing it was easy to find and order those missing pieces. Too bad that now I have to wait for some time to get the full inventory of pieces and continue the build.

On a hindsight I should have done the inventory for more sets at the same go. That way I could have ordered them at the same time and potentially saved some money from shipping costs.