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Impossible compliance

EU is rather strict and protective over its citizens privacy and online safety. For a web services consulting agency it can be a nightmare to try to comply with all the regulations.

Most of the services to provide things to websites are produced by companies based on the USA. Even if those companies are "multinational" many of their core functions operate only "back home". It's challenging to use services based within the EU, but if there is any data transferred outside the EU it becomes nightmare.

The only option is not using those services. The companies providing those services don't really care. If they get challenged they threaten to stop doing business in EU. Besides it's usually the responsibility of the owner of the website to follow the regulations, not the provider.

This could be thread (just like with those AI services), but it could also be opportunity. It opens a door for European company to create replacement services for EU markets. And if they really break through they can move to the US after angel money and the loop can be restarted once again.