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It's starting to get Heavy

Today will be the first of many concerts and festivals which all are on the heavier side of the music genres. The first (and the second one tomorrow) will be Rammstein. It's the fourth (and fifth time) for me seeing them live.

After that there is one weekend in between before our "home" festival, the Rockfest will kick of from Thursday till Saturday. There isn't any must see bands there for me, but several good ones none the less. It's more about having it just there around the corner, about a kilometer away from where we live.

The next weekend from there will be seeing one of my all time favourites - Nightwish. It's only a second time for me seeing them live and the first time not on a festival. It will be a special concert as they are presenting on their home town - a small town in eastern Finland.

This all ends in midsummer at our cottage where there will certainly be some heavy music playing on the speakers at the beach.