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Lightshow without the dark

Many bands but out great shows but nothin I have seen compares to Rammstein. Even without pyrotechnics their shows are mesmerizing and the fires just puts them in a whole new level. The problem is, those kind of shows work best in the darkness.

There isn't real darkness here anymore at this time of the year. It barely gets dim at the middle of the night. And when we have the famous darkness it's not really suitable for an outdoor event. There also isn't a venue big enough that could contain their spectacle indoors.

Another issue is that even if it gets a bit darker towards the middle of the night there sre regulations. All the big venues are in the middle of the city in residential areas. You can't have concerts of this magnitude go on after midnight to give the people who live next door some peace and quiet.

Never the less, the show was once again amazing. It was getting dark enough towards the end of the gig to get those lights and fires shine bright.