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Two different angles

Seeing the same concert twice on consecutive nights sounds like only the biggest fans would do for a band. I wouldn't say I'm quite there with Rammstein. I mean I like their music and especially their shows, but I wouldn't either mind missing them. This just happened to be a special coincidence having the opportunities to see them twice.

Even if the show is great there isn't that much new to see on the second night. But that's kinda the bonus. First bight enjoying all the spectacle and focusing on the visuals and then having the second time just enjoying the music and the experience as a whole.

On Saturday we had seats towards the far end of the arena. While it was too far away to actually see what's happening on the stage it gave a great view of the whole. There is so much going on not just on the stage, but around the arena that it's hard to see from closer.

Last night we were on the floor, at the heart of everything. Widely different experience when being at the center of it instead of just observing it all from afar.