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More missing bricks

Couple of weeks ago I wrote how I started building my old Lion Knights castle LEGO set and how, after going through my inventory I found a few missing pieces. Yesterday my order from Bricklink arrived and I was thrilled to continue the build.

Unfortunately I had been sloppy when doing the inventory and listing the missing pieces. I soon found out I was still missing a few more pieces. The missing pieces were also ones that were almost immediately preventing me from progressing any further. I was able to finish the gatehouse, but the towers on the back need to wait for another shipment before they are ready.

While I was looking for these missing pieces I thought I'll also get the missing pieces for the next ser I wanted to build, the Camouflaged Outpost of the forestmen. That set had hold it's pieces together much better than the castle. There were only 4 pieces missing! Unfortunately two of them the most expensive parts of the set: black and blue plume feathers. Instead of those I had plenty of yellow, red and white ones which unfortunately aren't that rare and pricey. I'm not sure if I want to pay 30 euros for such a small piece. I'm sure Robin will look cool enough with a yellow feather too.