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Taking time

Writing every day feels like a lot. But spending minimum amount of time on it isn't really enough to give the attention so.e topics deserve. So I don't write about them and instead just keep postponing them for "better time".

Sometimes it's about my lack of proper background knowledge of the topic. I want to make sure I get the facts right and try to do my background checks before writing anything. For these the better time usually comes. I can study the subject at my own pace and come back to it when I feel I'm ready.

Other topics just feel too big. They deserve more than 200 words to give them enough room. Or they need better words, well thought sentences and clever remarks. Not just an unstructured stream of thought filled with first words that come to my mind.

The first kind I could of course split into multiple posts. I've done that before and it has the added benefit of not having to come up with a new topic for a few days. The second one is a bit more complicated. I could write a draft and refine it until I'm satisfied. But if it takes days to perfect a post can it be counted as a daily post anymore?