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From scratch

I'm fine doing diy stuff that is possible to be done by existing things that just need a little bit of modification to fit my needs. Sometimes my projects are just combining a few things that weren't meant to work together, but create something new when joined in a correct way.

Unfortunately I'm not handy enough when it comes to creating something completely new from scratch. The various skills I have are enough to do those small and creative modifications or following tutorials and examples. It's the difference between a professional and a hobbyist, creating something completely new.

When I get an idea of some new thing I want to build I need to hope there is something existing I can base my work on. It's usually a lot of googling to find those things. Often it also requires learning something new to be able to do the modifications and make everything work together.

Starting from scratch also requires often quite a different set of tools. Working on some materials just is too expensive to get the tools just for some random ad hoc project. If I can't find suitable pieces it's pretty much no deal at that point.