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New features?

I haven't worked on either or websites for a really long time. Most that I have done is some bug fixes and security updates. They have been working well enough and I haven't had the inspiration to start implementing (or removing) any new features.

At some point all project become more tedious to maintain and develop further. I get that long project experience enough on my day job so I don't really want to do it slso on my free time. Starting a new project from scratch is so much more rare on professional setting there is still some excitement starting fresh that it works as a motivation to work on those things on my free time as well.

Maybe it would be time for another rewrite. Maybe I could finally get rid of the tedious task of cross posting all my daily writings to both sites. Maybe it's time to learn something new.

But why break what's working just fine. Moving to a new platform would mean migrating all the old content to the new one. It would take time from everything else I'm working on my free time. Maybe the status quo is good enough.