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End is near

Not long ago I had only sorted twenty-something sets from the big pile of LEGO bricks I purchased. I decided to start with the bigger sets so it took a while to collect all the pieces for those sets. There were also more pieces to go through to find the correct ones.

Now I suddenly have over 50 sets ready! Once I got the biggest sets sorted out and the amount of bricks got lower it has been much faster collecting the pieces for those smaller sets.

There aren't that many pieces left, but now I'm facing the next challenge: I'm not sure which sets the remaining pieces belong to. I do know a couple of sets that should still be there according to some special pieces and minifigs, but it has also become apparent that those sets are missing quite a lot of pieces. I'm not sure if it's worth separating those sets anymore. Maybe I'll just leave the rest as spare pieces for the next lot.

Just beed to go through all the already collected sets and see if I can find a few more missing pieces for them. Should be easier to find some more rare pieces now as there aren't that many pieces left.