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Trying to sleep too hard

I woke up again around 4 am this morning. Usually I would have just gotten up, but today is a bit different day. Our yearly company event is starting today so it's going to be a long day. I don't believe there is a moment to take a nap that would usually help in these kind of early morning days.

So I tried hard to get back to sleep. To squeeze a few more hours of sleep. I didn't have a schedule for the morning so I could have slept late. After a while I must have fallen back to sleep. I remember laying there for a long while but eventually when I checked the clock it was suddenly half past seven.

Those couple of additional hours didn't however feel refreshing. When I got up I felt more tired than back at 4 am. My neck was also some stiffness and I had a mild headache.

I hope those additional hours of sleep were worth thr pain and I don't get overly tired in the evening so I have enough energy to spend time with my colleagues.