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Triple tired

Despite sleeping quite well last night I still feel pretty tired. The weekend definitely took it's toll. It might slso be that it wasn't just tiresome in one way, but three!

Being physically tired is the most common thung. After heavy exercise or physical work it's common to feel tired. But it doesn't even have to be that heavy physical activity to get tired. Constantly doing something more lightweight can also drain your power at the end of the day. How you eat and drink can also affect your physical stamina.

There wasn't really a moment of rest over the weekend. I also didn't eat well and while I drank alcohol in moderation I still drank enough to it too have influenced my physical wellbeing.

Then there is the constant social interaction. As a person leaning more on the introverted side of the spectrum I have pretty limited reserves for such activities. Three days of constant interaction with my colleagues was great but tiresome.

Mental exhaustion is the third form of tiredness. Doing heavy brainwork requires energy as well. My work is mainly that and after a full week I didn't get much rest from it either during the weekend as many of my colleagues wanted to have somewhat work related technical discussions.