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Bountiful harvest

Autumn is fastly approaching and the growth season is coming to an end. Our little garden has been giving out some produce throughout the summer. First the radishes and soon after salad already in June. In July the peas were also starting to be edible. Unfortunately they suffered from the dry period and there weren't a lot of them.

I failed a bit with the carrots. They should have been weed out to give them more room to grow. Still there was some baby carrots available. Pumpkins and cucumbers started to become ripe during August.

I was way too late planting chilis indoors during spring so I don't expect them to produce anything this year. But the tomatoes have still some alight chance. I actually found 4 ripe ones today, the first ones. A couple more sunny days could bring a lot of tomatoes, but I suspect they would remain green until the snow.

While the garden hasn't produced much to actually be viable source of food it has still given us some taste of self grown vegetables. Will definitely set up the garden next year as well. Hopefully with a bit of experience from this year the harvest be even more bountiful next year.