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Small change

nstead of complaining I finally decided to do something for a thing. Something small can be annoying but at the same time not feeling like the effort to fix it would be worth it. But doing something every day and having that small annoyance hindering it eventually either becomes a bigger issue or you just get used to it.

On writestreak I have aimed to minimize the effort to start writing. It's literally one click and you are ready to write! Can't be much more straight forward than that. Compared that to my old writing platform where it takes 5 clicks to get there I'm amazed I got through all those early years.

But you just get used to those kind of things. Even if they constantly annoy you. Until you decide to do something. For this particular case it didn't even require that much effort to fix the workflow. I just created a shortcut to create a new post instead of having ro click through all the menus to get there. Now I can do it there with just 2 clicks! Still twice the amount than in writestreak, but lot better than 5.