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Hot summer

This summer has been hottest globally in recorded history. Not here in Finland though. We had maybe a week of good weather at the beginning of the summer and after that it has been quite average.

Major reason for such a warm season is of course the climate change. This might have been hottest summer so far but I'm sure hotter ones are coming. Again, not for us up here in the north.

We have been enjoying rather nice climate here compared to what it ought to be around these latitudes. This is thanks to the Golf stream that is bringing us warm air from the south. But as the sea levels keep raising thanks to the melting polar ice the stream will get weaker and we are left out with our share of that tropical warmth.

I know it hasn't been so nice for some countries this summer. The heat waves and drought aren't something I would trade our chilly weather. But it wuld have been nice to enjoy one more nice summer before everything freezes over.